Rocking The Myrtle beach area with original music . Over the Top, Ass kicking, This amp goes to 11, Non-stop Metal, In Your Face Jamming, Blow the Roof off this House, Top Notch, Shake the Earth Leave you Begging for More, Re-inventing the  ROCKSTAR,  Today's Metal with Old School Crunch, Changing tomorrows Rock Scene,  Addicting, Stronger than any Drunk can Fight, Crushing the poser wanna be's, as serious as a heart attack,  Cruise control set on Destruction Overdrive, Runaway locamotive with no one at the wheel, Crazier than a gang of Drunken Monkies, More Dangerous than a love struck cop with a badge and gun on steroids in a blacked out rage of all suicidal dillusions, and more comical than Brittany Spears attempting to have an intelectual conversation on the gulf oil spill.



Lead Guitar Vocals - Danimal -

Bass - Steve(Betty) Sacho -     

Drums- Nick Farro 







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